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2017.8 Release Complete and Release Notes Available Via HelpCenter. Follow us on Twitter @Relatrix_Help for updates.

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Check out these Frequently Answered Questions.

How Do I Change A User’s Password?

To change a password go to the USERS module or the VOLUNTEERS module, if you cannot access USERS, and –

  1. Search for the person by typing the last name into the LNAME field.
  2. When their record is displayed click on their Last Name to edit their record
  3. Click the CHANGE PASSWORD button
  4. Type a new password (minimum 8 characters)
  5. Re-type the same password to confirm you typed it correctly
  6. Click the SAVE button

You can let the person know their password or, if using the VOLUNTEERS module, select their record and from the Action menu choose ‘Email Selected’.

You can also remind the user they can click the I CANNOT LOGIN link beneath the Username and Password fields and the system will send them an email to recover their forgotten password.

How Do My Interface Admins Or School VolCo’s Sign-in?

For customers using the Enterprise version (this currently affects only EZCommunicator and EZVolunteer sites), your school staff needs to sign-in on their school interface. You can think of an interface like a school website for your contact or volunteer management website.

To access their school interface they need to start from your district sign-in page and scroll to the bottom where they will see a drop-down list of schools. They need to select their school from the list, which will redirect them to their school sign-in page. They can use the same account credentials and will see the administration console upon signing in.

If they sign-in at any other school or the district interface they will only be able to see their account details, like any other user or volunteer.

Where Can I Change The Contact Details My Users See?

The contact details that user see on their My Account pages are managed from Settings > EZCommunicator > General Settings.

On this page, scroll to the ‘Need More Help’ section. From there you can add/change the Phone Number & Email Address to allow users to contact you directly. In our Enterprise version your schools can each have their own contact details.

We have placed a link to our Help Center in the ‘Instructions’ field and recommend you leave that in place. It will allow your users to search for FAQs and other resources we provide, before contacting you.