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Useful Definitions

Partner Directory

A page on the EZPartner website that displays all registered and active partners in the database, along with a summary of their profile. You can search the partner directory or filter partners based on the district-wide programs they participate in (like STEM or Fine Arts); the Schools they Partner with; and the Industries in which they work.

To appear on the Partner Directory you must create an account and partner profile and then activate your account.

Partner Profile

The details about your business or organization that appear in the EZPartner system. These include your business address and phone numbers, your website, a company logo and bio (or mission statement). This information will appear in the Partner Directory after you activate your account and can be viewed by schools, other partners and the community at large.


The recorded results of a Partner working with a school. Outcomes can include Students involved in the activity; District Staff who participated (e.g. – professional development or staff appreciation); Volunteers and hours worked; and Donations of money or materials.

It’s important to the school district to make sure you record the outcomes of your offers or the requested you were matched to, as it is used for reporting, recognition and planning purposes.

School Staff

EZPartner allows schools to have multiple contacts working with partners. Each contact has his/her own account and can create requests for assistance from that account. When working with schools you will be able to select from the registered SCHOOL STAFF who your contact is.