If you have been working with a school on a request they created for a project (like staff appreciation luncheon) or a program (like student mentors), you now have the ability to review and record the outcomes for that request.

Step 1: Matching your business/organization to a request

The school needs to ‘Match’ your business to any request they have created and with which you are assisting them. You can check whether you have been matched by signing into your partner account and under the Partner menu selecting ‘Matched Requests’.

Step 2: Reviewing and recording outcomes for a matched requests

If you do not see the request listed then the school has not Matched you to that request yet. You will need to contact the school liaison and ask them to match your business so you can see the request on your ‘Matched Requests’ page.

When you see the request you can choose to review and record outcomes. Choose the type of outcome (Students, Staff, Volunteer, Donation) you want to view and this will pop-up a window that displays the current outcomes for the request. You can see what’s been entered already and make any additions you feel are needed.

If you are helping on a request that extends over a period of time, for example a school supplies drive that runs all month, enter multiple donations by first choosing a Date and then entering the details, including the value of the donation and a description.

After each entry press the SAVE button. When you are finished entering outcomes press the CLOSE button.