You still should create the offer in your EZPartner Account. However, there are a few options for how you handle the matter from there.

First, if you know which school, but they are not aware of your offer then you have the option of using the NOTIFY PARTNER SCHOOLS when creating your offer. This will send details of your offer to the school contacts who work with partners.

Second, if you don’t want anyone seeing the offer you created you can either click the PRIVATE option at the bottom of the page when you create an offer, or you can go back into the offer anytime after you create it and check the PRIVATE option. This will cause it to not display on the ACTIVE OFFER LIST page for schools to view.

If you are working on an activity or offer that already occurred (like a school supply donation from the prior month), you can set the EXPIRATION DATE to the date in the past and because EZPartner sees an EXPIRED offer it will not display on the ACTIVE OFFER LIST page.

Third, when you want to record the OUTCOMES of your offer you can go back into your OFFER, click on the OUTCOMES button at the bottom of the page and select the School or Schools you are working with on the offer.

Matching the schools you (will) work with on the offer causes the schools to show up in the list of contacts when you begin logging Outcomes for your offer(for Students, Staff, Donations, or Volunteering). It also causes the offers to be displayed on the School’s account so they can log their own Outcomes and see the Outcomes you log.