After you create an offer you can log the results of the offer including donations of material items or dollars and volunteer hours. Do this by signing in to your Partner account and opening the offer. Then  click the Outcomes button at the bottom of the Offer.

From the Outcomes page you can choose the school(s) you worked with to meet their resource needs. If you were not able to match a school to your offer, then choose one of options that best describe your outcome.

Assuming you did match your offer with a school or schools, you can then input details about the Donations,Volunteer Hours or Students you assisted by clicking the Details link next to those outcomes.

When you are inputting the details of your Donation add an entry for each donation to each school and remember to Save your data before you Close the details form.

For Volunteer Hours input the number of volunteers and total hours for each school. Remember to Save before you Close and return to the Outcomes page.

Note: You cannot choose a school on the Donations or Volunteer Hours details page if you did not select them as a school for this offer first.

You can also record the number of students who were involved and benefited from this request and the number of staff who received direct benefit from the partner(s) involved.

When you finish recording your outcomes you can either Save your offer , if you think you may need to add more outcomes at a later date, or Close your offer, meaning you are finished recording any outcomes.

Before you Close an offer please rate your experience working with the school(s) involved and provide comments that will help your partner program administrators improve the program over time.