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Working With Partners On Offers for EZPartner School Staff

If a partner creates an offer you are likely to learn about it in one of two ways.


Either, visit the EZPartner website and go to the Active Offers page, where you can search and filter offers by Partner, Resource Category and Expiration Date, or if you have partners working with your school they can choose to notify you when creating a new offer. Offers they notify you about directly they should consider keeping PRIVATE so other schools do not contact them.


When a partner adds an offer to the EZPartner database, it operates very much like a request – in reverse. The partner will setup the offer by giving it a Name, Resource Category, Description and Expiration Date. Unless they make the offer PRIVATE it will be displayed on the Active Offers list until the Expiration Date. The partner will select the school(s) they are working with and match them to the offer, after which the partner (or school contact) can record outcomes for the offer.