Matching Partners With Your Request

After you create a request and whether you choose to display it on the Active Request List or notify just those partners working with your school, here’s what to do when you receive an email or call from a partner saying they are willing to help.

Once you know a partner is going to assist on a request EZPartner lets you match the partner(s) that commit to working with you as the first step in recording outcomes. To match a partner to your request follow these steps –

  1. Sign-in to your EZPartner account
  2. Navigate to Requests
  3. Click on the name of a request you want to match to a partner
  4. Choose the Match button
  5. From the list of all your district’s partners choose the one or ones that will be working with you
  6. Save your selection

Matching partners to your request will also cause your request to display in the partner’s account when they sign-in. This means they can see who the contact is at your school, and can see the outcomes you have recorded and record outcomes on their own behalf.

You can go back at any time if another partner contacts you and you need additional assistance and match that partner to your Request. Once you have all the partners matched to your request you may want to adjust the setting so it no longer is displayed on the Active Requests list to avoid further contact by partners.


The final step is recording outcomes. This can be in the form of help with individual students, staff assistance or recognition, volunteer time or donations. To do any of these you will need to navigate to the Outcomes page for your request and then based on the resources your partner(s) contributed use the DETAILS button.

A Tip About Creating and Managing Requests

You should think of a request in one of two ways. It is either an ‘Ask’ for assistance to an individual partner or the district’s partner community, or it is a record of what you received from partners (whether you had to Ask or not.)

That means you should consider creating enough requests to record periodic ‘walk-in’ or unsolicited contributions at the beginning of the school year and then create new requests when you need to Ask for assistance.

For example, you could make a request named ‘Unsolicited Donations’ at the start of the school year; set the expiration date to the end of the school year; set the request as NOT DISPLAYED (so it won’t appear in the active requests list), and then simply match partners to the request and record outcomes anytime they make a donation of money or in-kind materials.