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Managing School Requests for EZPartner School Staff

You can use EZPartner to create requests for resources from your school partners or any partner involved in the Partners In Education program. You can (and should) also use the system to record donations and other resources contributed to your school by one or more partners.


This data is vital to the district’s efforts to track, recognize and recruit partners that participate in the Partners In Education program.


The first step in managing school requests is to create a request for your school regarding a specific need, event or program. There are several points to consider before creating a request, including –


1.Do I already know the partner I’m working with or am I looking for help from any registered partner?

If you already have commitment from a partner, then you do not need to spend as much time crafting the details of your request. The focus of your data input should be in recording the outcomes (donations, volunteer hours, etc.). Remember that when you match a partner to your request they can see and record outcomes from their account also.


2.Has my request already been fulfilled, or does it represent a future or ongoing need?

Much like already having a partner selected, if you have fulfilled your request need then you will still need to have a request to apply it to, but you can focus less on writing a great description and more on recording results.


3.How should I categorize the request in terms of the resource(s) I need?

Selecting the right resource category can be important, especially if your Partners In Education office is trying to focus partners on more academically or career oriented requests. It is also important to partners who may be looking to help with specific types of resource needs.


4.Can I describe the request in simple enough terms that I can type into the description or does it include a detailed document or external web resource to which I need to link?

If you will need a long description, or if you have an external site, like that you need to link to as part of your request, the description you create can include a link to a file you upload to the EZPartner servers or a URL to a separate site. Be aware that you will still need to record outcomes in EZPartner so your Partners In Education office can report the details for your school.


Where do I find my existing requests and add new requests?


How do I add a new request?

From your Request List page click the ‘Add New Request’ button near the top of the page. This will open a new page where you can input the details of your request. Here are a few pointers about filling out your request –

  1. NAME – This name should be short (less than 40 characters) and self-explanatory. You do not need to put your name or school name here. Instead focus on your specific resource need.
  2. RESOURCE CATEGORY – This is your best effort to define how your request fits into the overall structure of the database and how partners will search for your request. If you are unsure of the definitions of your resource category list contact your district Partners In Ed coordinator.
  3. EXPIRATION – This is the date when your request will no longer appear on the website for partners to search. If this request is related to a particular event then the date of the event should be your expiration date. If it is a request that runs all year, then put the last day of school as your expiration date.
  4. DESCRIPTION – This should tell the partner clearly what you are seeking, but should not include your name or contact information, as the system takes care of displaying that information from your record to a registered partner. You can include links to external web pages and pictures you upload.

How do I publicize my school requests?

There are several methods for publicizing your school requests.


First, the EZPartner system will display all Active Requests on a section of its website, which is linked to from your district website. Partners can view requests there and filter by school, by resource category and expiration date.


Second, when you create a request, if you have partners that are working with your school, whenever you create a request you can notify them by choosing the ‘Notify…’ option at the bottom of the page. This will display a list of partner contacts and you can choose them all or specific partners to receive the details of your request.


Third, you can add a link to your school’s request on your website or include it in your school Newsletter. To do this simply go to the Active Requests page, choose your school from the school list and filter the requests. Then copy and paste the URL for that filtered page. The link will display all active requests for just your school.


Finally, your district Partners In Education coordinator can use the EZPartner newsletter module to create lists of requests and send them to the entire partner community.