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How do I make a request not display publicly?

There are a three options to use to get a request off the active list. The best one depends on what your motive is for removing it.

Option 1:

Edit the request and turn off the Display On Active Request List option. This would be the best answer if you already have a partner matched to the request and it is an ongoing activity, say through the end of the semester or school year.

Option 2:

Edit the request and set the Good Until/Date to an historical date when the activity/event took place. This would be best if it was a back-to-school or already completed partner engagement.

Option 3:

Edit the request and choose OUTCOMES and then ‘Close’ the request.

In all cases the request will no longer appear on the active list (or in any email you send). In the case of #1 and #2 you will still be able to edit and record outcomes.