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How do I create a request?

With the latest version of EZpartner your account may include SITE_ADMIN access to the system or you may have STAFF  access. The process of creating a request is exactly the same. The only difference is how you access the Add Request feature.

If you have a STAFF account you will sign-in and start from your account Contact Details page. In this case, to create a request  you will need to go to the 3-bar menu in the upper left corner of your screen, and choose Staff  > Requests.

If you are SITE_ADMIN you will sign-in to your account and have access to the administration console for your school’s EZpartner site. Choose the Requests module on the left-side menu.

  1. ADD REQUEST. With either role start by choosing Add Request
  2. DISPLAY ON ACTIVE REQUEST LIST. Decide whether to turn ON or OFF the option to Display On Active Request List page. This is where partners and other website visitors can view your request and from where they can contact you. You can switch OFF this option if/when you have your request filled.
  3. REQUEST NAME. Type the Name of your request. This should be as self-explanatory as possible. (e.g. – Internships For Seniors). It should NOT be your name or the name of your school or department.
  4. RESOURCE CATEGORY. Choose the Resource Category that best defines your request. These categories are standard across all schools. If you feel there’s a category that should be added, contact your district’s EZpartner administrator.
  5. SCHOOL. Your school should be already defined for this request and you cannot change this unless you are a district administrator.
  6. GOOD UNTIL/DATE. Select a Good Until/Date. This can be the date of an event associated with your request, or it can be the last day you need the resource you’re request, for example, the end the school year. It defines the date when you no longer wish to be contacted about the Request. EZpartner will automatically stop displaying a Request when the Good Until/Date is reached.  (NOTE: You can set the Good Until/Date in the past if you just want to record outcomes for a request you have already completed.)
  7. ADD TO EVENT CALENDAR. If your Request is associated with an event you can add the date to your EZpartner calendar. You will need to have created one or more event categories in your calendar module so you can select a category if you choose to enable this function. Also, you will need to turn on the calendar on your End User Menu setting to display that page on your website.
  8. $ESTIMATE. Specify an $Estimate if what you’re requesting is a donation and you have some idea of the value of the donation. When searching through requests on your EZpartner website, partners can filter requests based on $Estimate tiers (e.g. $1 – $100, $500 – $1000)
  9. DESCRIPTION. Type a Description of no more than 1,000 characters about your Request. You should NOT include your contact details as the system will take care of sharing these with other registered members of your community portal.
  10. NOTIFY.  If you are NOT displaying this Request on the Active Request List page, but do want to notify one or more of your school partners, choose the Notify School Partners option and you will see a drop down list of partners and partner contacts/associates you can notify directly about your request.
  11.  SAVE. Click Save to return to your Request page.