How do I create a request?

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To create a request as a school staff member you will need to first sign-in to your EZPartner account and the follow these steps –

  1. Click on Staff  > Staff Requests
  2. Choose Create New Request
  3. Type the Name of your request. This should be as self-explanatory as possible. (e.g. – Internships For Seniors)
  4. Choose the Resource Category that best defines your request.
  5. Select an Expiration Date. This can be the date of the event or the date when you will stop making the resource available, or the end the school year, if you have an ongoing request. It can also be a date in the past if you are only planning to record outcomes because you already matched your request.
  6. Type a Description of no more than 1,000 characters about your request. You should NOT include your contact details as the system will take care of sharing these with other registered members of your community portal.
  7.  Click Save to return to your Request page.