Relatrix takes great effort to ensure our mail servers are approved for message delivery by all major Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

If you don’t receive a message sent from our system by your school there are two things you should try. First, sign-in to your account and check that your account primary email is correct. Sometimes email addresses get mis-typed and cannot be delivered.

Second, if you have confirmed your primary email is correct in your account you may need to white-list the email account used by your school to send messages, or the domain from which Relatrix sends messages ( for all customers. If you are not familiar with how to white-list an email or domain, below is a link to our document library with instructions on white-listing for many of the major ISPs. If you don’t see instructions for your ISP or if the instructions don’t work you should contact your ISP and ask how to white-list our domain.


Text messaging is available as an optional method for your school district to reach you with important information. To sign-up for text messages follow these steps –

  1. Sign-in to your account with your username and password. If you don’t know your username or your password click on I cannot login to get the system to help you.
  2. On your Account page, if text messaging is available you will see a section near the bottom of the page titled ‘Text’. Chances are that if you just setup your account this section will be disabled with the ‘Stop All Text’ checked.
  3. To activate text messaging for your account type your mobile phone number in the ‘Cell/Mobile Device’ field and choose your wireless carrier from the drop down. Then click the VERIFY button.
  4. You should receive a text message on your mobile phone with the subject ‘Verification Code’ that contains a five-digit number. Type the number into the field provided and click the CONFIRM button. If not, double-check your phone and carrier information and click the RESEND button.

If you have been assigned as an opportunity coordinator at your school you will see a new sub-tab on your VOLUNTEER menu when you sign-in to your account. The sub-tab labeled ‘Coordinator’ will display a list of opportunity to which you have been assigned as the coordinator.

From that list you can click on the Opportunity Name and see all of the volunteers currently signed-up for that opportunity.

You can select volunteers and send them email or log hours for them. You can also sign-in and sign-out any of the volunteers if you are tracking their arrival and departure at an event.

The answer depends on whether or not your school district uses our background screening services. If they do you should receive an email near the start of the school year asking that you update your account details (email, phone, schools, etc.) or inactivate your account.

After you get that email  (and make any changes needed) the school district will run a new background check, depending on their policy, on existing volunteers who remain active for the upcoming school year. This will save you having to re-register.

If your school district does not use our background screening services then you may have to re-register, but you should verify with your school or district-level volunteer coordinator.

First, reach out to your District Human Resources Department to discuss the decision on the report.

To contest the accuracy of your report, you need to contact the credit reporting agency used in gathering the details of your background check. By requesting a copy, you will receive the reference number on the report for instructions on how to dispute and/or expunge the details on your background report, call the consumer relations department of at 866.265.6602 or visit their website: