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Colorado League of Charter Schools

Now You Can Get The Same Award Winning Volunteer Software Used By Leading Districts In Colorado

Why You Need EZVolunteer

Register Volunteers Without The Hassle

Use our online registration module so volunteers can sign-up in any language, create an account and choose the activities in they’re interested in.

Screen Volunteers In Minutes

Use EZVolunteer to track results from your current screening service or use our optional real-time screening to get results and approval or review decisions in minutes.

Track Hours Anywhere They Occur

Track volunteers as they enter your school. Let them record hours by phone. Print sign-in rosters for event participants.

Keep Volunteers Informed

Notify approved volunteers about upcoming events at your school. Let them sign-up immediately, from a link in your email blast or on your website.

Make School More Secure

Track and screen visitors who enter your school. Print name tags with photos for clear indentification. Send security alerts if there is any problem or concern.

Track Student Attendance

Record when students leave school early or arrive late, and the reasons why. Use our student reports to update your attendance tracking system.

How Can Your School Participate?

As a member of Colorado League of Charter Schools you qualify for this limited time offer.

What’s Included In this Offer?

  • EZVolunteer/Basic

    Website and database for managing up to 1,000 registered volunteers. This allows you to register, notify and track volunteers at your school.

  • EZVolunteer Kiosk

    Software to sign-in volunteers, visitors and students at your school. Print name badges for approved volunteers so they can scan-in and select the activity they’re working on.

  • EZCommunicator/Basic

    Send notices and announcements to volunteers; use forms to track shift schedules; post activities on a calendar – all at no additional cost.

  • Hosting, Maintenance & Updates

    We manage the servers, fix and enhance the software and provide online customer service at no added cost.

  • Setup & Training

    We take care of setting up and configuring your site and database and provide administrator training to get you started.

What’s The Bottom Line?

We offer two options for this promotion, depending on whether you choose to use your existing background check service. If so, you only need what’s in Option A. If don’t have or would like to change you background screening service then you should go with Option B.

Using Your Own Background Check

Software & Setup (Year 1)    $2,390
Kiosk Scanner/Printer           $   250

Total                                      $2,640

The EZVolunteer Kiosk is a web application, so you will need a laptop computer with Internet access. The hardware costs are estimates from multiple online sources. Relatrix is a software-only company.

Using Our Real-Time Screening

Software & Setup (Year 1)    $2,390
Kiosk Scanner/Printer           $   250
Background (100 Vols)         $ 1,050

Total                                      $3,690

Background checks are based on $10.50 per volunteer including both a national and Colorado statewide search for 100 volunteers. Actual cost will vary depending on number of volunteers you screen.

Frequently Answered Questions

Can I use my current background check service?

Yes. If you have a service provider you’re pleased with you can use EZVolunteer to register volunteers and setup their account, after which you can use our background module to export and update results you get from your 3rd party screening service.

Is there any hardware provided or required?

Relatrix is a software-only company so we do not sell hardware, but we do specify the equipment (scanner and printer) needed to run you sign-in kiosk. This includes a Honey 9450 barcode scanner and Seiko 650 smart label printer. These are available from only retailers at between $100 – $150 each.

How is billing handled?

Billing will be handled by Colorado League of Charter Schools. As a member you will get a 10% discount and free setup of your site and assistance setting up kiosk (after you acquire the scanner/printer).

When can we ‘Go Live’ with the EZVolunteer service?

For schools who order by June 30, 2017 we will work with you for a Go Live date of August 1, 2017. Orders received between July 1st and 31st will have a Go Live date of August 15, 2017. Any orders received on or after August 1st will have approximately a 30-day deployment before Go Live.

What’s the cost for using Relatrix screening?

Our screening services, which include both a national and Colorado statewide database check cost $10.50 per volunteer, if ordered at the time you order EZVolunteer, or prior to your Go Live date. Screening credits at this price must be purchased in advance and are good for the balance of your current annual service period.

If you prefer to pay-as-you-go, we will need a credit card on-file and the rate will be $14.50, which will be billed September 31st, and quarterly thereafter.

Can I get a copy of the terms of use?

The terms of service for our software, hosting and background screening services are available through a link at the bottom of our website, or you can download a copy using the following link.


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