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Admin users are users in your Relatrix Community Engagement Platform with an assigned role that grants them access to and permission to use one or more modules in your Administrator Console. With the 2019.7 Release several important changes were applied.

What’s Different About Admin Users Now?

Manage Role Assignments from Your Central Office Site

Rather than switching to campus sites to make Admin Role assignments you can now assign roles from the Central Office Site Settings function. From the Assign Role page you can quickly toggle between school sites and see all users assigned to a given role.

(NOTE: If a role is not defined to make it ‘Available To ALL Sites’ you will not be able to toggle to different school sites.) 

Quickly Switch between Editing and Assigning Admin Users

If you are on the Define Role page you can quickly switch to the Assign Role page to begin assigning the selected Role to your users.

Campus/Site Admins Can Only Assign Roles

The Admin Role function no longer allows the creation or editing of roles at the campus/site level. This means you cannot set up a role for a single campus. Instead, you can create a role at the Central Office and make it ‘Available at ALL Sites.’ This will allow site/campus administrators the ability to assign the Role to users at their site.

Volunteer Administrators Can be Regular Users

If you are an EZVolunteer customer you may be glad to know that your EZVOL_Site_Admins (formerly VMS_VolCo) are not required to have a volunteer record in the system before being assigned as an Administrator.

(NOTE: If your EZVOL_Site_Admins are also serving as volunteers and need to have their hours recorded they will need a volunteer record.)

Did My Administrators Get Reassigned?

Yes. As part of the upgrade process, we were able to transfer all admin users assigned to one of our primary admin roles to a new admin role. 

Roles we moved over to the new release include –

  • Enterprise_Admin (formerly ENT_Admin)
  • EZCOM_Site_Admin (formerly INT_Admin)
  • EZCOM_Site_Publisher (formerly Publisher)
  • EZVOL_District_Admin (formerly VMS_Admin)
  • EZVOL_Site_Admin (formerly VMS_VolCo)
  • EZPTR_Site_Admin (formerly Staff)

Other roles you may have created for your organization’s custom use were kept but not translated to a new role; however, any user assigned to a custom Admin Role remained assigned to that role after the update.

Were Any New Roles Created?

For EZPartner customers we created a new school-level role (EZPTR_Site_Admin). This role can be used to grant campus administrators more permissions than were available as an EZPartner Staff user.

EZPTR_Site_Admin users can –

  • View the Partner dashboard for their campus
  • Create requests and assign any registered staff member as a contact for the request
  • View and communicate with partners who have selected their school on their partner profile
  • Record outcomes for any requests at their school or offers that have been ‘matched’ to their school
  • Report on EZPartner data for their campus

As part of the 2019.7 Release we assigned all EZPartner Staff to this new role so they will have access to what is happening in EZPartner across their school and not just in their own account.

On Wednesday, June 12th we held a 30-minute webinar to preview the upcoming summer release. For those who could not join us for that webinar you can view the recording here.

RELATRIX - Preview of 2019.7 Release

RELATRIX - Preview of 2019.7 Release

Administrators have numerous responsibilities within the course of a weekday. Communicating with staff is at the top of that list after keeping your school and students safe. How do you notify staff when a safety drill or incident occurs? Can you reach them quickly and with the details they need to prepare or respond to a situation?

Relatrix knows how frustrating it can be when your staff is not aware of what they need to do or where they need to be. Our software, EZVisitor, gives administrators the connection they need to contact campus staff, or the crisis response team, in the event of an emergency or drill by text and email. Administrators can also send important messages to their school community using the emergency response protocol.

Having a practice drill? Staff alerts can be sent when it’s time to return to the building. Looking for a student during a drill? EZVisitor can ask his or her teachers for the student’s location.

As staff changes from year to year or during the school year, EZVisitor can update the staff list and ensure you have the email addresses and cell phone numbers needed to make a quick connection.

EZVisitor software is helping schools keep their buildings safe. We can verify the visitor’s identity, check the National Sex Offender Registry, print a name tag and track the visitor’s purpose for visiting. When the visitor is ready to leave the building, he can sign out using the EZVisitor kiosk or office staff can sign him out with one click of a button.

To download the EZVisitor product flyer CLICK HERE. To learn more about any of our school safety and community engagement products, please email us at

“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school identify your volunteers with real-time screening on their background check.

How long do your volunteers have to wait for background approval? How much time do you or your HR office spend screening and notifying volunteers, just to get through the approval process? Is this process working for you and for your volunteers? If not, our award-winning EZVolunteer software can help.

There’s nothing worse than generating interest from your parents and family members at back-to-school activities, only to lose them because a background check takes too long or they never find out they’re approved.

With EZVolunteer a volunteer registers and their background check is completed within minutes. The volunteer is automatically notified when they are approved to start volunteering. If something comes up on their background check, you are notified that a review is needed, and approve them within minutes or take further action.

To find out more about our award-winning EZVolunteer product USE THIS LINK to set-up a 15 minute introductory call or online demo that fits with your schedule.

Please take the time this week to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that serve your students and staff.

“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school track volunteer hours and the impact these hours have on student’s success.

Do you know the total number of hours your volunteers worked today, this week or last month? If you are using pen and paper for sign-in and sign-out then this number is probably tricky to calculate.  You can guess, but last week’s number is not the same as today’s.

EZVolunteer provides you and your volunteers with easy to use tools for logging hours, tracking individual volunteer time and reporting on school volunteer hours and utilization throughout the year.

Volunteers can sign-in to their account and see the hours recorded on their record, and they can add or edit hours for individual opportunities they worked at any school where they volunteer. With our campus sign-in kiosk they can quickly scan-in and out when they arrive and depart.

Campus coordinators can view their volunteer dashboard for an overview of total hours, top volunteers and more. They can edit hours for individual volunteers or teams working on an opportunity. Coordinators can report hours by volunteer, time or activity at their school.

All this data rolls-up to your district or system where you can report on which schools have the most volunteers and which are most effective using the volunteers they have.

Interested in learning more? USE THIS LINK to set-up a 15-minute introductory call or online demo that fits with your schedule.

Please take the time this week to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that serve your students and staff.