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Administrators have numerous responsibilities within the course of a weekday. Communicating with staff is at the top of that list after keeping your school and students safe. How do you notify staff when a safety drill or incident occurs? Can you reach them quickly and with the details they need to prepare or respond to a situation?

Relatrix knows how frustrating it can be when your staff is not aware of what they need to do or where they need to be. Our software, EZVisitor, gives administrators the connection they need to contact campus staff, or the crisis response team, in the event of an emergency or drill by text and email. Administrators can also send important messages to their school community using the emergency response protocol.

Having a practice drill? Staff alerts can be sent when it’s time to return to the building. Looking for a student during a drill? EZVisitor can ask his or her teachers for the student’s location.

As staff changes from year to year or during the school year, EZVisitor can update the staff list and ensure you have the email addresses and cell phone numbers needed to make a quick connection.

EZVisitor software is helping schools keep their buildings safe. We can verify the visitor’s identity, check the National Sex Offender Registry, print a name tag and track the visitor’s purpose for visiting. When the visitor is ready to leave the building, he can sign out using the EZVisitor kiosk or office staff can sign him out with one click of a button.

To download the EZVisitor product flyer CLICK HERE. To learn more about any of our school safety and community engagement products, please email us at

“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school identify your volunteers with real-time screening on their background check.

How long do your volunteers have to wait for background approval? How much time do you or your HR office spend screening and notifying volunteers, just to get through the approval process? Is this process working for you and for your volunteers? If not, our award-winning EZVolunteer software can help.

There’s nothing worse than generating interest from your parents and family members at back-to-school activities, only to lose them because a background check takes too long or they never find out they’re approved.

With EZVolunteer a volunteer registers and their background check is completed within minutes. The volunteer is automatically notified when they are approved to start volunteering. If something comes up on their background check, you are notified that a review is needed, and approve them within minutes or take further action.

To find out more about our award-winning EZVolunteer product USE THIS LINK to set-up a 15 minute introductory call or online demo that fits with your schedule.

Please take the time this week to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that serve your students and staff.

“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school track volunteer hours and the impact these hours have on student’s success.

Do you know the total number of hours your volunteers worked today, this week or last month? If you are using pen and paper for sign-in and sign-out then this number is probably tricky to calculate.  You can guess, but last week’s number is not the same as today’s.

EZVolunteer provides you and your volunteers with easy to use tools for logging hours, tracking individual volunteer time and reporting on school volunteer hours and utilization throughout the year.

Volunteers can sign-in to their account and see the hours recorded on their record, and they can add or edit hours for individual opportunities they worked at any school where they volunteer. With our campus sign-in kiosk they can quickly scan-in and out when they arrive and depart.

Campus coordinators can view their volunteer dashboard for an overview of total hours, top volunteers and more. They can edit hours for individual volunteers or teams working on an opportunity. Coordinators can report hours by volunteer, time or activity at their school.

All this data rolls-up to your district or system where you can report on which schools have the most volunteers and which are most effective using the volunteers they have.

Interested in learning more? USE THIS LINK to set-up a 15-minute introductory call or online demo that fits with your schedule.

Please take the time this week to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that serve your students and staff.

“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school  manage your volunteers.

Does it take too long for volunteer background checks to complete? Do you face problems notifying and signing up volunteers for school events? Are you still using pen and paper when volunteers enter and leave your school? Are you guessing about the volunteer hours worked each year?

With our award-winning EZVolunteer software you can screenrecruit and track volunteers easier than you are now, and do away with the paperwork and guesswork at the same time.

Want to learn how Relatrix’ EZVolunteer can simplify your volunteer management process?

TAKE A LOOK at this two-minute video.

If the video makes you want to learn more about how EZVolunteer can help your school or district, USE THIS LINK to schedule a 15-minute call or online demo with a Relatrix product specialist.

Please take the time to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that enter your building on a daily basis this week.

“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school recruit volunteers for the many events and programs for the duration of this school year.

Does your school have lots of registered volunteers? Are you getting all the attendance you need at your events? Can your volunteers easily sign-up for both the activity and time when they can help?

Volunteers want to participate, but you have to tell them where and when you need their help. EZVolunteer solves this problem first by letting a volunteer choose the activities they are interested in, so you can notify just those folks most willing to help with your activities.

Next you can send email blasts to targeted lists of volunteers or all volunteers at your school and let them sign-up for your activity. Using our Forms module, you can setup shift assignments with the times you need help, limiting the number of volunteers required on each shift.

Volunteers can add an event to their personal Outlook or Gmail calendar and EZVolunteer will send them a reminder 24-hours before the event starts, improving the chances that everyone who signed-up shows-up. The event coordinator can send last minute emails to volunteers and keep track of who shows up and when – all from their mobile device.

Please take the time to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that enter your building on a daily basis this week. Interested in learning more about EZVolunteerUSE THIS LINK to schedule an online meeting soon so you can see how EZVolunteer can help with volunteer recruitment.

How do you emphasize the importance of your Partners in Education program to your district and your community? Do you present important data in an easy to understand format that will make your partners and school administrators want to continue to grow your program?

According to market research, the average person is exposed to about 5,000 messages per day. That makes it challenging to keep your audience engaged if you only deliver multi-page reports or even a press releases about program impact. Instead – try an infographic. Infographics are a popular form of content not only for people to view, but also to share across multiple channels including social media.

One of Relatrix’ EZPartner customers, Oklahoma City Public Schools in collaboration with their Foundation, recently published an infographic to share the cumulative impact of their ‘Partners In Action’ program. The infographic highlights:

  1. Number of partners enrolled in the program
  2. Projects completed
  3. Dollars raised and the impact the dollars had
  4. Snap shot of schools hosting major events
  5. List of schools with partners

Your new EZPartner Dashboard contains much of this information and is just a click away when you sign-in. The rest you can obtain from the EZPartner Reports module. From your dashboard get a quick read of:

  1. Outcomes in terms of Students, Staff, Volunteer and Donations from your program
  2. Most recently signed up partners
  3. Category breakdown of partner offers and school requests
  4. Most active requests and offers, based on outcomes

Don’t be afraid to spur some friendly competition between campuses highlighting your most active campuses and partners using the above data in your infographic.

As you plan for the coming year, consider setting goals for your schools and program in terms of the data and outcomes you are tracking. Do you want to register 100 new partners? Complete 200 projects? Connect 400 students with mentors or enroll them in internships? These goals will help everyone focus on specific actions to take and data to log into EZPartner.

Share your infographic on your social networks, in your district newsletter, with your school administrators, on your website, and with prospective partners. An infographic can help demonstrate your success while allowing your partners and schools to see endless possibilities working with your Partners in Education program.

For more details on building an effective infographic, check out this blog post by Hubspot, an online marketing company or simply Google ‘Popularity of Infographics.’

We want to send a big shout out to Oklahoma City Public Schools Community Engagement Department and The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools  for sharing their infographic and a snapshot of what EZPartner can do.

April 23-29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week and the time of year when most schools recognize their volunteers for their commitment of time, energy and talent to work with students, teachers and staff at your school.

Here are three ways to recognize the contributions of your school volunteers:

#1 Get Kids Involved

Face it. A large segment of volunteers in public schools are there because either their children, grand-children or family members attend the school, or because they had been involved in education sometime in their career. Even if that doesn’t describe your most outstanding volunteers, chances are they are there for the kids.

So as a way to reinforce how important their contribution is, ask your students to take the lead in recognizing the school’s volunteers. Something as simple as a Thank You Poster, or a Student-Produced Video can go a long way in showing your volunteers they are appreciated. Be sure to take pictures or videos and add them to your school website so the rest of your community knows and will appreciate their efforts too.

#2 Be Specific

While every school has numerous volunteers and they all bring value to your campus, pointing to specific ways they contribute helps focus attention. So whether you have an individual volunteer or program for which you can create a story, start there.

Use words and pictures to explain the impact that they made on the school, staff or students. Talk about their dedication and energy. Consider interviewing them and learning about their story and what motivates them to volunteer. Be sure you get pictures not just of the volunteer but the outcomes of their efforts. Put it all together in an article that you can post on your school or district website and add to your school’s social media sites.

#3 Go Social

National Volunteer Week is sponsored, in part by the Points Of Light Institute, a national volunteer and services organization. As part of National Volunteer Week they have several social channels to help reinforce and amplify your stories.

TWITTER – Use hashtag #NVM for any posts related to your volunteer recognition activities this week.

FACEBOOK – During National Volunteer Week you can nominate a volunteer at your school for national recognition by using

To see other ways to use social media as part of your volunteer recognition efforts go to the Points of Light webpage (

By whatever means you choose to recognize your volunteers remember that you have lots of data to draw from in your EZVolunteer database. You can track total hours your volunteers work, as well who participates in high impact programs. Don’t let this week go by without making an effort to show your school volunteers how much they mean to everyone in your school and district.