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Resetting Kiosk URLs


Resetting Kiosk URLs

As volunteer coordinators show-up for back to school it’s common for them to find their computers updated by the IT Department. If that includes their Kiosk PC then it’s possible their Kiosk link has disappeared.
Now, instead of contacting support to resend you the link, you can go to Settings > EZVolunteer > Kiosks; copy the URL and send it to your Vol-Co to install on their PC. Quick and easy…

Teacher Request Form Available

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With our 2017.6 summer release we will be making a new form available for EZVolunteer customers to use to help schools gather volunteer requests from their teachers.

Teachers are often looking for help in their classroom during the day or for special projects or field trips. While they may have connections with their classroom parents, occasionally they need help from more school volunteers than they can reach on their own.

The new Teacher Request Form can be set-up so that teachers can fill out the information needed for a campus volunteer coordinator (VolCo) to create an opportunity and send an email to all school volunteers. You can even set-up the opportunity so the classroom teacher receives notification when volunteers sign-up to help.

CLICK HERE to view our full support article and download the HOW TO document for the new Teacher Request Form.