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Resetting Kiosk URLs

Resetting Kiosk URLs As volunteer coordinators show-up for back to school it’s common for them to find their computers updated by the IT Department. If that includes their Kiosk PC then it’s possible their Kiosk link has disappeared. Now, instead of contacting support to resend you the link, you can go to Settings > EZVolunteer > […]

EZPartner Staff Guide Book

This document is available in the Relatrix Help Center and is a guide for school staff who are responsible for entering and tracking resource requests, working with their school partners in meeting those requests and recording the outcomes of their resource requests. It should be used in combination with Staff Introductory Training that should be […]

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Teacher Request Form Available

With our 2017.6 summer release we will be making a new form available for EZVolunteer customers to use to help schools gather volunteer requests from their teachers. Teachers are often looking for help in their classroom during the day or for special projects or field trips. While they may have connections with their classroom parents, […]

Reaching Your English Language Learner Community

According to the National Center For Educational Statistics in the 2013-14 school year there were 9.3 percent or more than 4.5 million students classified as English Language Learners. Additionally, in all but 14 states the percentage of ELL students increased between 2003-04 and 2013-14. This means that it is becoming increasingly important in terms of […]

Recruiting Volunteers – How To Create Interest?

Schools engage parents, community leaders, and business partners to volunteer in and out of the classroom throughout the year. Recruiting these volunteers presents its own challenges – both in terms of finding people willing to serve and matching them with activities in which they are interested. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics school and […]

Four Reasons To Record Volunteer Hours

As you scan down your list of volunteers to determine who to give the biggest shout out, it might be worth noting how much time they really spend on behalf of your schools and students.  While most don’t do it for the recognition, there are some good reasons why you should keep track of volunteer […]