As the work of managing volunteers gets back into gear for the spring semester, we thought we would share a useful report to give you and your district leader a snapshot of the work done by volunteers at your schools.

It’s the School Activity report and it can help in identifying the schools that are going gang-busters and those who could use some encouragement or training. The School Activity report shows registered volunteers at the beginning and end of a selected date range, the number with recorded hours, total volunteer hours and visitor sign-in sessions. (if you use our EZVisitor system).
If you have never used the School Activity report here’s a quick step-by-step on how to generate one –
  1. Sign-in to your EZVolunteer admin account
  2. Go to REPORTS (the chart icon at the top of the admin page) and then EZVOLUNTEER > School Activity
  3. Choose the layout you want (Weekly, Monthly, Total)
  4. Choose the school(s) you want to include
  5. Set the date range (Start/End dates) for the report
  6. Choose to export to Excel
If you are just getting started with School Activity reports, we recommend a TOTAL report layout with a date range covering your fall semester. Going forward you can quickly generate a School Activity report on a monthly basis.
If knowledge is power then understanding how to use the numbers in your School Activity report will give you the power to better manage your district-wide volunteer program. With the report results you can gain insights like –
1. Are any schools still stuck not capturing volunteer hours? This is especially important if you use our EZKiosk for volunteer sign-in.
2. Which schools are above or below average in total hours/volunteer?

3. Which schools have the best capacity utilization. That means how many of their total registered volunteers are working and logging hours?

We’ll cover more about the School Activity report in future blogs. For now we hope this easy to use report helps with managing volunteers – one of your school system’s most valuable assets.