There are people in every community that should not be allowed to enter your school. Sometimes the person’s name was shared by law enforcement and sometimes a parent makes you aware of a custody arrangement or restraining order that needs to be enforced. No matter the reason, having a list of names blocked from entering your school will help keep students and staff safe.

EZVisitor’s Name Block function allows you to create a list for each school in your district. The central office security director can upload names of people that should be blocked from entering your building. School staff can add specific individuals for their campus. If a person on the name block list tries to sign-in, the system will re-direct them to the front office and your crisis response team can be notified FAST.

EZVisitor software is helping schools keep their buildings safe. We can verify the visitor’s identity, check the National Sex Offender Registry, print a name tag and track the visitor’s purpose for visiting. When the visitor is ready to leave the building, he can sign out using the EZVisitor kiosk or office staff can sign him out with one click of a button.

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