“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school track volunteer hours and the impact these hours have on student’s success.

Do you know the total number of hours your volunteers worked today, this week or last month? If you are using pen and paper for sign-in and sign-out then this number is probably tricky to calculate.  You can guess, but last week’s number is not the same as today’s.

EZVolunteer provides you and your volunteers with easy to use tools for logging hours, tracking individual volunteer time and reporting on school volunteer hours and utilization throughout the year.

Volunteers can sign-in to their account and see the hours recorded on their record, and they can add or edit hours for individual opportunities they worked at any school where they volunteer. With our campus sign-in kiosk they can quickly scan-in and out when they arrive and depart.

Campus coordinators can view their volunteer dashboard for an overview of total hours, top volunteers and more. They can edit hours for individual volunteers or teams working on an opportunity. Coordinators can report hours by volunteer, time or activity at their school.

All this data rolls-up to your district or system where you can report on which schools have the most volunteers and which are most effective using the volunteers they have.

Interested in learning more? USE THIS LINK to set-up a 15-minute introductory call or online demo that fits with your schedule.

Please take the time this week to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that serve your students and staff.