“Celebrate Service” is the theme for the 2018 National Volunteer Week (April 15-21). During the 45th annual observance of this national celebration, EZVolunteer wants to help your school  manage your volunteers.

Does it take too long for volunteer background checks to complete? Do you face problems notifying and signing up volunteers for school events? Are you still using pen and paper when volunteers enter and leave your school? Are you guessing about the volunteer hours worked each year?

With our award-winning EZVolunteer software you can screenrecruit and track volunteers easier than you are now, and do away with the paperwork and guesswork at the same time.

Want to learn how Relatrix’ EZVolunteer can simplify your volunteer management process?

TAKE A LOOK at this two-minute video.

If the video makes you want to learn more about how EZVolunteer can help your school or district, USE THIS LINK to schedule a 15-minute call or online demo with a Relatrix product specialist.

Please take the time to thank and recognize the many school volunteers that enter your building on a daily basis this week.