Sometimes you have an event that needs volunteers to show up at different times for different shifts. In highly demanding activities, like working a football concession stand, you don’t want to ask a volunteer to stay for the entire game, especially if they are a parent wanting to watch their student play or perform at half-time.

That brings up the question how do you allow volunteers to sign-up to individual time-slots or shifts. You also need to be able to breakdown the total number of volunteers you need into the number you need per shift. Then you need a way your volunteers can sign-up both to participate in the event and choose the shift they want to work.

Relatrix can help with that…

With our latest release we’ve added the ability when setting up a volunteer opportunity to include a link to a web form where volunteers can select a time-slot at the event. This link can be to an external service or you can use the Forms Module included with the EZVolunteer system.

The important point is that you can track who has signed up to an opportunity, so they get reminders and you can email them if there’s a cancellation, and you have a record of who to expect for each time slot at your event.

The above example shows a web sign-up form using our Forms module.

This method displays the form once the volunteer has agreed to participate in the opportunity and allows them to see each shift and the number of openings already filled. When they sign-up to a shift the opportunity coordinator gets notified by email and can view and download all form results anytime up to the start of the activity.

This new method of integration shift sign-up helps schools manage a wider range of volunteer opportunities in their EZVolunteer system so they can track which volunteers are working on particular events and record the hours they volunteer.