Community Engagement Made Easy

At Relatrix we believe education is still the single biggest factor determining a successful future for children.

For students to succeed through their educational journey it is crucial for local communities to support their schools with their time, expertise and resources.

We build easy-to-use, web applications so schools can manage the process of connecting with their community, getting them involved in schools and tracking outcomes.

Our commitment to hard-work and putting our customers first, is why Relatrix is a leader in Community Engagement software for schools and districts across the country.

What Our Customers Say…

Our district has a team of customer service professionals that collect a paycheck from Relatrix. When our volunteers have questions, the Relatrix team makes a seamless transition from our staff to their experts.

Amarillo Independent School District

The team at Relatrix takes our recommendations to heart. When we make suggestions Relatrix’ staff works to understand our need so they can implement what we and their other customers see as improvements to the great software we use daily.

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Relatrix takes the time to get to know your district and your needs. Their staff is patient and available to everyone from the most tech-savvy to the least. We are grateful to have them as our partner.

Colorado Springs School District 11

Working with Relatrix provides our district with the expertise and confidence to expand our volunteer program beyond our initial goals.

Poudre School District

Volunteer & Visitor Management System

  • Register

    Volunteers Can Register Online In Any Language

  • Screen

    Background Check Volunteer Applicants In Real Time & Alert HR For Reviews.

  • Notify

    Use Email or Web Calendar To Inform Volunteers About Upcoming Activities

  • Sign-In

    Keep Track Of Volunteers, Visitors & Students As They Arrive & Leave Your Campus.

  • Track

    Log Volunteer Hours On Your Computer Or Smartphone

Partner Management System

Partner Management System

  • Apply

    Partners apply first and then setup an online profile in your partner directory.

  • Offers

    Partners can create offers, based on programs, resources or services they can provide.

  • Notify

    Partners can sign-up for notifications when new requests are posted by schools.

  • Connect

    Partners & Schools connect over resource offers and requests and match when there’s a fit.

  • Outcomes

    Record outcomes including donations, student & staff development, and volunteer time.

  • Scan ID

    Scan visitor ID’s and take their photo on their first visit.

  • Screen

    Check all visitors against a national Sex Offender Registry in a matter of seconds.

  • Notifications

    Blast email and text notifications to your designated crisis team for each campus.

  • Name Tags

    Print name tags for approved visitors with their photo and purpose of their visit.

  • Name Block

    Create lists of people blocked from visiting any school due to legal restrictions.

Contact Management System

Contact Management System

  • Sign-up

    Contacts sign-up to the schools & newsgroups in which they are interested.

  • Schools

    Schools can publish notices to their contacts while the district can reach everyone.

  • Channels

    Messages can be sent by email, text, web, social media and rss

  • Newsletters

    Create attractive newsletters using our template library and track delivery and opens.

  • Feedback

    Use forms to sign-up contacts to events or activities at your schools.

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