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We believe that education is still the single biggest factor determining a successful future for children. In this country and around the world anyone with a post-high school education is more likely to be financially successful and a net-contributor and supporter of their community. For students to succeed through their educational journey it is also critical for communities to support their schools with their time, expertise and resources.

This fundamental belief, along with our commitment to hard-work and putting our customers first is why Relatrix is a leader in providing K12 community engagement software to schools and districts across the country.


Recruit volunteers to register online and run a real-time background check to ensure safe schools.

Empower schools to manage their own volunteer list and create, match and log hours. Use our kiosk module to sign-in volunteers and visitors at each school.


Inform your parents, staff and community quickly and reliably, through email, text, web, and social media, all with the click of a button.

At the same time let them choose the news they want from the schools they care about, in the language that works best for them.


Build strong relationships with local businesses and develop an inventory of resources and skills to match with the needs of your schools.

Keep school partners connected with campuses and district partners with specific programs. Track all outcomes with EZPartner.


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