Community News The Easy Way

Cost Effective and Easy - A Great Combination

Do you want to tell your school’s story before your community reads about it in the local paper or hears it on the 6 o’clock news? There is an easier way to target specific audiences in your community using multiple channels without spending a fortune or wasting valuable time learning how to use it. EZCommunicator  gives you the place to reach many school community members – parents, staff, students and business partners –  based on who they are and what they want to know.  At the same time EZCommunicator lets you publish your message through the many different communication channels used today – all with the press of a button.

  Blast Alerts & News

Send alerts district-wide or to an individual school quickly and across multiple channels (email, voice and text) when there’s a closure due to weather or a school lock-down. Go further and notify parents of students in any grade to remind them about upcoming activities such as standardized tests or graduation practice.  Use pre-defined templates to create rich eNewsletters with images, links and other rich content to send to your community.

  Enhance Choices

Whether users are loaded nightly from your student information system or subscribe through your website let them choose the news they want to receive.  EZCommunicator allows your users select the topics they want to follow, whether from your district office or school. Each user can create and maintain their own profile of contact details, school relationships and information preferences.

  Empower Schools

With EZCommunicator you can define roles and grant administrators any level of access to your Online Contact Center. If your schools want to communicate with their own community members add our enterprise version to give them their own Online Contact Center. If the special education director needs to send an eNewsletter, set them up with limited administrator access and let them start publishing their own news.

  Improve Service

Allow users to post comments related to your published eNewsletters or notices. Create online surveys or polls and let your parents and community members tell you what they think about a particular issue, or post sign-up forms so users can register for meetings or activities. Use our knowledgebase to track in-bound email and reuse FAQs of interest to your entire community.